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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:15 pm    Post subject: Super Duper Sumos Movie Download Hd

Super Duper Sumos Movie Download Hd

The adventures of a trio of crimefighting sumo wrestlers.
One of Nick's most underapraited shows. But that's only because people like the weakest shows like Chalkzone & Shuriken School. 3 Sumos save the day from evil villains.

However, I love this show! Not too long ago, I watched most of the episodes on As if getting bricked, in a pleasant way, a whole bunch of humor that should of been rewind for another season on Nick. Even though it's (somethimes) embarrassing to say...I recall loving Booma's. Heh. Which is funny, because I know who the voice actor is these days. Love old Matt Hill. It's cool to see that I've always liked character he voiced, even from a young age. I loved the style of animation and humor the show used. It was...different. It had an odd sense of comedy, and even was a little vargar at times. And their X-mas special! That had some funny, yet cool, visuals. And I still can sing the theme song. Thing can come up at very random moments. It's ruined Someone's teenage life! (But in a completely awesome way.)
Before I even chanced upon seeing this show, I was a big potty mouth girl. I mean a LOUD mouth! And then, I saw this show. And I heard them talk about their butts..., then I would say the 'a' word. Each time I heard the word 'butt', I would want to say 'a'. Then I realized how potty-mouthed I was. I admit, I still curse often, but not as much as I use to. I guess this whacky show about these huge sumo wrestlers taught me some manners! Plus, that little green guy sounds like and old teacher of mine.


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